Meaning of the Logo

Ever since the inception of Mothering with Grace, we envisioned a “rose” associated with the title.  This seemed like a natural progression from the intention to develop a group after the heart of Mary, the Model of Motherhood.  Mary is often referred to as the Mystical Rose, for as a rose is considered the most beautiful in all the garden, so Mary, by the crown of her humility, obedience, and perfect charity,  is crowned the most beautiful in all of Heaven.

Hidden within the petals of the rose, you will find the image of a mother embracing her child.  This is the symbol of surrendering to motherhood, and all that it entails, from conception through the end of the child’s life on earth.  We seek to surrender to our vocation with a resounding  “yes” born of the same obedience and humility with which Mary declared her “fiat” to the Angel (Luke 1:38).

On the stem of the rose, you will find a thorn.  A thorn is a mark of a rose, and one with its identity.  It symbolizes that beauty cannot exist without sacrifice, but is born from it.  So is the beauty of the vocation of motherhood born from the mother’s sacrifice of pregnancy and birth, and then throughout the life of the child in various dimensions.  Even for mothers who are not able to physically bear their own children, but have chosen to adopt there is a unique self-sacrifice from their circumstances through which the fruit of motherhood can grow.

The color of the rose is red, the color of blood (also beautifully known as the color of love), again representing the sacrifice melded to the vocation of motherhood, from which is born a child’s first concrete experience of sacrificial love, and a glimpse of God’s own love for them.

We wish to thank Michael Dixon from Rastro Graphics for this beautiful and symbolic design!