Bring MWG to your city!

Mothering with Grace© is not difficult to implement in your community!  Assuming you will be a Facilitator for the group you would like to start, the following prerequisites must be met:

Prerequisites are:

  • Be an active member of a Catholic parish in a Catholic Diocese and be in good standing with the Church (i.e. hasn’t been excommunicated)
  • Has a desire to grow spiritually
  • Be in full support of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, obedient to her teachings (especially in regards to the sacraments, the Church’s teaching on Family Planning methods, and all the other Truths found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and in writings and teachings of the Holy Father)
  • Accept the purpose and goal of MWG and understand that as a facilitator she will represent all that is written in the MWG Faciltator Handbook

The Facilitator is not, nor is she expected to be, PERFECT (perfect in prayer, perfect in attitude, the perfect Catholic, the perfect mom who never screams at her kids, etc.).  We are all human!  But the facilitator has an evident desire to grow in prayer, virtue, and love, and seeks to identify her weaknesses so she can work on them (as we are all called to do as baptized Christians).

Simply email Jessica Ferrante  to begin the easy application process for becoming a MWG Facilitator.  After the application process comes the training, which can be done in-person (if local to the Greater Charlotte area) or online.  During the training access is granted to the MWG Facilitator Handbook.  After training is complete,  access is granted to all materials and resources needed to run at MWG group.