Meet the Board

Hi there!  This is the team of mothers without whom Mothering with Grace© wouldn’t grow or operate smoothly!  We are so happy to “meet” you!  If you’re looking for more details about what MWG is and does, see our FAQ here.



Jessica Ferrante, Founder & Co-Director


Jessica Ferrante and her husband of 12 years, Matt, live in Charlotte, NC, where they are parishioners at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.  She is mother to six beautiful children (ages 10 down to unborn) who are each teaching her that she is not the super-mom she had imagined she would be (gasp!), and that without God’s grace she cannot accomplish the delicate work of raising souls for the Lord. She attempts to homeschool them, but is realizing they are really teaching her!   In her “previous life” she was a professional ballet dancer and dance instructor, and now she dances in her living room with all her little people on a rainy day.  Early on, she recognized her need for God’s grace in her own vocation to motherhood, and she prayed for the Lord to provide her with a group of women that would encourage, inspire, and support her in that mission.  The Holy Spirit answered that prayer by saying “go start it yourself!”  And so, relying on the Holy Spirit, and with the faithful help of Sarah Wood (with whom she now co-directs the ministry) she founded Mothering with Grace© in 2008 and is excited to see where the Lord takes it!

Sarah Wood, Co-director, Writer


Sarah Wood has been married to her husband since 2004 and they have five children.  Although originally from “up north,” Sarah is thankful to call Charlotte, NC “home” and really enjoys the warm weather and southern charm of the region.  Sarah has been a facilitator and writer for Mothering With Grace from its earliest days and co-directs the apostolate with Jessica Ferrante.  Even though she began her role as facilitator with some amount of apprehension (due to her unworthiness), it has proven to be a very formative experience and she is thankful for the Holy Spirit’s inspiration to meditate and reflect on how she and other mothers can grow in different virtues through our normal daily lives.  

Frances Liberto, Editor, Writer


Frances and her husband, David, are parishioners at St. Ann’s Parish in Charlotte, NC.  She is mother to three beautiful children, including one miracle son who was born with a severe congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  Frances has been a MWG Facilitator and meeting outline author since 2012 and is the editor of MWG materials.  

Jessica Idzerda, Writer

jessica-idzerda-1 (2)

Jessica Idzerda is married to her college sweetheart, Edan, and has three children, two girls and a boy.  They live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and belong to St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.  Jessica became convinced of the reality of God during high school after studying calculus and physics and learning about the order of the natural world.  This gift of faith led to a further seeking of the truth and Jessica was received into the Catholic Church during her sophomore year of college.  After training as an engineer and working as a consultant to industry, Jessica switched gears in her early thirties and now spends the majority of her time caring for and educating her children.  Motherhood has been a spiritual journey for Jessica; she has been challenged in this vocation to not simply assent to the truth of the Catholic faith, but to follow Jesus and His Church in all aspects of life.  God has also used the vocation of wife and mother to bring Jessica to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman and what gives life purpose.  She is thankful for the witness of the many Christian mothers God has put in her path and is honored to serve on the Mothering with Grace© writing team and as a meeting facilitator.